POWER is an organization of California water agencies and officials dedicated to promoting public accountability and environmentally sustainable water policies and practices. POWER's mission is to educate the public and promote among water agencies its core beliefs:

  • A reliable and clean water supply is essential. Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) on an agency, regional, and statewide level is the best balanced planning tool to assure our supply. Groundwater and surface water should be managed conjunctively. Quality standards protecting human health are needed for agricultural and urban runoff, and groundwater basins.
  • Natural resources must be restored and enhanced. Water projects of California were built during a time of limited knowledge about the environment. With our new understanding, these precious natural resources can and must be restored and enhanced.
  • Water should be used as efficiently as possible. Population continues to grow. Conservation, reclamation, transfers, conjunctive use, and recycling must be institutionalized.
  • Economic efficiency is a must. The price of water determines how it will be used; the market must be allowed to work effectively and efficiently.
  • Water agencies have a broad public responsibility beyond delivering a clean and reliable water supply. Openness, accountability, cooperation, and consensus with the general public, stakeholders, and between governmental agencies must be practiced.
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